In addition to my other research, I continue to be interested in polling and survey methodology. I have received advanced training in survey construction and sampling, in addition to significant "real world" experience in constructing and implementing state and national polls.  

From 2014-2016, I served as the chief coordinator and analyst of the Vanderbilt Poll, which conducts statewide surveys at least twice a year and more recently began conducting surveys that focus exclusively on the Nashville area. In addition to constructing the surveys and conducting analysis of results, I produced reports and presentations for local press and for meetings with elected officials (including the governor of Tennessee and the mayor of Nashville). You can find out more information about the Vanderbilt Poll, including archives of my work, here. 

During 2015-2016, I also worked as a part-time analyst in NBC News' Data Analytics Lab, conducting polling in conjunction with SurveyMonkey on critical issues related to the presidential elections. You can find examples of my work below. 

  • 2016. "Poll: Persistent Divide Over 'Birther' Question." NBC News. (with Josh Clinton) [link]

  • 2016. "How Republicans and Democrats Feel About Their Opponents." NBC News. (with Josh Clinton, John Lapinski, & Sam Petulla) [link]

  • 2016. "Where Sanders and Clinton are Dominating." NBC News. (with Josh Clinton & John Lapinski) [link]

  • 2015. "Faith and Economics Divide Carson and Trump Supporters." NBC News. (with Josh Clinton & John Lapinski) [link]

  • 2015. "The Deep Dive: Who Supports Donald Trump?" MSNBC. (with Josh Clinton & John Lapinski) [link]

My work on negative partisanship was recently featured in reporting by NBC News. You can find a link to that article here.

Finally, I recently co-authored a study with Doug Ahler and Gaurav Sood on the quality of data collected on Amazon's Mechanical Turk, a popular means by which social science researchers collect public opinion and experimental data. You can find that paper on my research page.